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Fuck Yeah! Anna von Hausswolff

"The ceremony is over for the moment. Now let the worship begin" WYNDHAM WALLACE

Anna will be playing this organ from the San Giuseppe church in Vasto, Italy as part of the Siren festival on July 27th.

An instrumental piece for organ guitar and synth.


Anna von Hausswolff - Deathbed

Anna von Hausswolff - Epitaph of Daniel

Anna von Hausswolff - Epitaph of Theodor

Anna von Hausswolff - Mountains Crave

I got mine, did you get yours?

I got mine, did you get yours?

Full volume required.

Let’s take a look back at how one of the greatest albums of all time was recorded.

It has been 2 years since Ceremony was officially released!

First show(s) in Italy are getting closer.. 

We´ll do our classical rock band set up on the 25th, and an instrumental 30 minute church organ/guitar/synth concert on the 27th.”



Could that mean she will be performing I Hallar Av Sten again? or maybe a new instrumental piece!

Italian friends bring your recorders!

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