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Fuck Yeah! Anna von Hausswolff

"The ceremony is over for the moment. Now let the worship begin" WYNDHAM WALLACE

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You can now stream the whole Ceremony album on youtube via City Slang.

Stuck (Hydras Dream - Last Evening Of The Year)

(c) The National Film School Of Denmark 2013
Film: Maria von Hausswolff
Sounddesign: Mira Falk
Music: Hydras Dream - Last Evening Of The Year
from ‘The Little Match Girl’ [CD|LP|DIGITAL]
available in March 2014 on all formats at [http://denovali.com/hydrasdream]

Stills from Sápmi Sessions.

Anyone knows how to rip it, to later add english subtitles?

"ÄLSKA!!!! Got this link as a christmas gift from my friend, Mette Johansen. Inspired by some of my music she has created this wonderful little world and a video to go along with it."

-Anna’s facebook-


those are some cool glasses hehe